When our lab is everywhere, inspiration can come from anywhere


Here at Amgen, we don’t lose sight of what matters most—our patients. For us, that means bringing scientific rigor to not only our research, but to patient care as a whole. To do that, our science can’t be confined to any one location, idea, or approach. Our research must meet our patients where they are, the real world.

That’s why we take a different approach. We go further than intuition alone can take us. We look outside our own walls to gather observations from the everyday to create patient-centric, real-world solutions.

Explore where our lab has been and what we’ve come up with

We investigated the science and technology put into everyday devices, then we set out to redesign how patients inject from top to bottom.
We saw the potential of journaling to help keep patients on track, then we launched a modern-day text-based approach to symptom reporting.
We identified gaps in the scientific understanding of treatment paradigms, then we invested in one of the largest clinical trials in psoriatic arthritis to date.